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At Faith Investment Services, LLC, we believe our team approach can help clients navigate through a complex financial services world. We work together so clients can receive the benefit of multiple outlooks and opinions. As Christians and financial advisors, we combine our industry knowledge and faith to help people reflect their values in their investments and financial strategies. 


James Kraatz

Founder & President

  • (586) 739-3440
  • jim@faithinvestmentservices.com

Mark Calder

Retirement Specialist

  • (586) 739-3440
  • mark@faithinvestmentservices.com

Stacy Calder

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

  • (586) 739-3440
  • stacy@faithinvestmentservices.com

LAURA Cazares

Client Relations Manager

  • (586) 739-3440
  • support@faithinvestmentservices.com

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