1. Discover

2. Evaluate

3. Plan

When first working with clients, we take the time to learn about you and your family, values, beliefs, financial situation, goals, and concerns. We want to understand what is most important to you and your future before offering any advice. Following, we create your customized outcome-focused strategies tailored to your situation and needs. After sharing our recommendations, we ask that you think and pray about your options before making any decisions. We believe this may help relieve some pressure and ensure you are comfortable with how our recommendations can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Once your strategies are in place, we provide ongoing support and stay in frequent contact, whether it’s during a semi-annual portfolio review or at one of our community events. Our goal is to help you develop a strategy that can guide you through the many milestones of life, from starting your career to growing your family to living in retirement.
Step one


It all begins with a simple idea and the plan to make it happen. At Faith Investment Services, you’re more than just a client, you’re family. We believe in creating a relationship with you, identifying what it means to live your life, and most importantly, how we’re going to make that happen. Schedule a meeting in person or over the phone to discuss what you want regarding your financial goals and retirement.

Step TWO


Once we’ve established what it means to live your life in perfection, our goal will be to begin the plan of action to help make that happen. We analyze where you are today, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. The primary objective of this is to develop an effective, long-term investment strategy customized to your unique needs for long-term success. Utilizing your existing assets and considering those you expect to acquire in the future, we create flexible strategies to address each goal identified during the Discover meeting.



The primary objective is to ensure a smooth transition process with active communication as each step of the process is being put into place. We offer consulting to help you achieve your true potential, and access to every level of our financial expertise and support. Once we’ve agreed upon the appropriate strategies for your needs, we put the plans into action using the best financial instruments at our disposal.

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